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How To Create A Ministry Built for Impact
By Jean Toney
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Speaker For This Webinar:
Jean Toney
Ministry Consultant.  Biz Builder.
Jean Toney is a ministry consultant and business coach,  who shares growth strategies with ministry leaders and faith-based entrepreneurs to increase their income, influence and impact. 

Jean has inspired and equipped ministry leaders and business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create profitable businesses, transform lives and win souls to uplift the Kingdom.

After helping to successfully create two nonprofit organizations benefiting student-athletes in two separate states with no contacts and no funding, Jean took the nonprofit growth strategies she learned  and started helping pastors align their actions with their vision.

When Jean left the corporate world, she was an award winning sales manager who had also worked in corporate accounting and marketing departments while earning an MBA in Organizational Development and growing two for-profit family owned businesses.  God created this creative visionary to not fit in anyone's box.  Jean leverages the best of the non-profit, corporate and small business worlds to strengthen the business foundation of your ministry so you can thrive in a global marketplace.

What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation...
Secret #1: How To Use What You Have
If God has given you the vision, He has also given you everything you need to make it work.  2 Kings 4 tells us the provision is in the house, so let's see examine what's in your house.
Secret #2: How to Align Actions with the Vision
Chasing shiny objects is a frivolous activity that gets the best of us so let's look at how to stay focused on completing an idea and making an impact.
Secret #3: How To 10x Your Growth Mindset
Is this ministry growing because you are intentionally leading your flock or is it stagnant or even dying because you are constantly reacting to your circumstances?
Disclaimer: This presentation is free. There will be a paid program offered at the end. You do not have to purchase the program in order to get value out of the free webinar. Please note that there is nothing about this that is "get"-rich-quick. Everything takes time and energy and skills. 
Pastors who see results are the leaders who put in the work!

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