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I'm Jean.


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Hey there! I'm Jean

I'm Jean Toney - an accountant, business development consultant, nonprofit founder, and award-winning sales leader.


I absolutely love helping creative bosses like you strengthen your business foundation with simple yet powerful money-making action plans so you can build a life and legacy that sets your soul on fire.

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I have known Jean Toney for many years. She has spoken at our church, conferences, business meetings, and several National Leadership meetings.  She has given workshops and seminars for us many times. Her insight has helped us align our actions with God's vision and make a tremendous impact in communities around the country.  She speaks with professionalism, purpose, poise, clarity, distinction, and confidence.  She is an articulate, eloquent and persuasive speaker, who can hold an audience...She is well qualified to speak or train ministry leaders at any occasion on any given subject.

- Apostle - 

Presiding Prelate, Senior Pastor

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