I'm on a mission to help you remove any obstacles

that prevent you from bringing your vision to life.

If God gave you a vision, He also
gave you everything you need to see it thru.

Hey there, I'm Jean Toney. 

I create action plans for visionaries that have the audacity to chase their dreams.

Entrepreneurs and ministry leaders like you that have a fierce desire use the gifts you were blessed with to make an impact on someone's life.  


As a business growth strategist, I'm thankful for the best practices I can share with you that I learned as an award-winning sales executive and sales trainer. I am also thankful for the experience I can share with you that I've gained from years of working in corporate environment being trained by Fortune 100 companies, my Master's degree in Organizational Development and my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/Finance. 



But, what you know I value the most?  What I truly value is the hard stuff. The real life, day to day problem-solving grind, that provides clarity and delivers more strategic planning value than any textbook or training program.  Real life has a way of cutting through theory to test our resilience and resourcefulness.  



Saying yes to your vision and getting after it isn't for everyone but it is so so good to those who dare. 



Every win and every failure, large and small, allows me to offer you strategies to help you make, measure and market impact in communities you serve around the world to shorten your learning curve. 

I believe God gave everyone on this earth a solution to meet someone else's need.  

Maybe you just need one missing piece of information to ignite your vision and transform a life. How many great ideas have you been sitting on because you think you lack resources or strategies to implement your ideas into action?  Let's focus on building up your Freedom Fund (the amount of income you need to stop trading your time for money and live life on your own terms) and take a look at the multiple ways to monetize the talent you already have.

I especially love helping women build their empire.


Women are honoring their unique voice and creating businesses that allow them to thrive within their genius zone.  Women-owned firms are growing faster in number and employment than any other business, according to the State of Women Owned Business Report.  Some women are starting side hustles and some are leaving their 9-5 altogether.  The US Census Survey of Business Owners reported African American women are the fastest growing segment of women-owned businesses.  Women are speaking up and looking for ways to build their empire and I celebrate every last one of you taking that leap of faith.  I love discovering ways to monetize your gifts and sharing strategies like getting you certified to give you a competitive advantage. Hashtags don't build businesses.  You need sound business strategies to support and sustain that social media branding push you've got going online and I'm here for all of it.

It doesn't matter what you lack or where you came from...if God says you are the answer to someone's prayer...then you are the answer to someone's prayer.


I encourage you to believe His word and believe that your gifts will make room for you.  I firmly 100% believe that if God gave you the vision, He also gave you everything you need to fulfill it.  I also believe God will always, always fund His ideas.  It doesn't matter how many followers you have, how much money is in your bank account or where you came from because God anoints what He appoints.  Please hear me when I tell you that someone else's degrees, experience or connections will mean nothing when God is ready to use you.  

So why do I need to serve ministry leaders?


I am not a Pastor and I have never been a ministry leader within a church but my heart is determined to serve church leaders that will allow me to support them.  Why?  Because my heart is connected to your joy, your pain and your relentless desire to transform lives and uplift God's kingdom.  I want to help you.  I have to help you.


I understand and support the heart of a servant leader and legacy is extremely important to me.  I helped my husband create two grassroots nonprofit organizations from the ground up with no resources, no connection and no followers.  Our children played AAU basketball and we had a vision to help other children whose parents couldn't afford to travel.  Our programs grew to the point where the children received millions of dollars in athletic scholarships to universities around the country and traveled to cities they would have never been to without our help.  We made friends and we lost friends, invested years of our life we knew we would never be compensated for and spent thousands of dollars out of our own household that we knew we would never get back. We cared for the children and their parents as if they were own family and were heartbroken each time we saw some of them walk away once they got out of our programs what they wanted without ever saying goodbye or thank you. Yet, we still continue to serve year after year.  Leadership can be lonely and quite the roller coaster ride of emotions. I've wanted to quit in the evening but then help someone that nxt morning and by the afternoon I'm fully hooked and energized all over again!  So when I see Pastors work full time jobs while trying to build ministries, struggle financially and risk losing their homes and families, I want to help.  When I sit in board meetings with well meaning men and women of God who are breaking the law because they don't know the same best practices to legally manage non-profits that I learn so easily, I want to help. 

What happens when passion meets purpose.

The gifts I have come from God.  My ability to assess a ministry's strengths and opportunities for improving its impact come from God so I use the skill set He gave me to uplift His kingdom as a form of worship and gratitude. It blows my mind how happy I become when I sit and talk with Pastors and their leadership teams and I am able to bring something I thought was unrelated to the church from other areas of my life to increase their  ministry's impact. I now realize the moments when my actions are aligned with my calling are the sweet spots that my life was created for...and the joy I am experiencing is the feeling of all things working together for my good. So I am chasing that feeling and wanting to create more of those moments.  How often are you operating within that space?  As you read this, I pray you are smiling as you are reminded of what that joy feels like for you when you are operating in alignment with your calling.  Sharing growth strategies with ministry leaders is what I'm called to do so instead of asking why do I work with ministry leaders, a better question would be:  Why on earth wouldn't I serve ministry leaders?

Should we work together?

Ever hear the quote: "The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack?"  Well, if you work with me you will hear it often.  I work with driven, take-charge entrepreneurs ready to rock!  If you move with a sense of urgency and you are ready to ignite your vision and build your empire...I'm your girl!

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or nearing burnout with your ministry's growth, your ministry is running your life and you're not making much of an impact within your community, time is of the essence...let's go!

It's always a major fail when I try to sugar coat the truth so I've given up trying (sorry, Mom).  I am a straight shooter and driven to provide concrete, measurable action steps to support your vision.  But then I leave it up to you to take control of your journey and implement them. I'm on your team wholeheartedly but this is your dream...(insert *speed of the leader* quote here).

If you are ready to put in the work to make, measure and market your impact, then of course we should work together! 

A vision without action is just a dream. A vision without proper resources remains an illusion out of reach from reality. Before teaming up with Jean Toney, I had a vision but did not know how to manifest it into existence. Every avenue I took seemed like I was taking steps backward. However, all that changed when I met Mrs. Jean. She provided information on how to grow, educated me on useful resources to promote my businesses. She went BEYOND her call of duty and her drive pushed me beyond my expectations. I recommend her to anyone who has a vision but need someone to help bring it forth or to someone who has an existing business but needs help growing their business.

- Doris - 

CEO, Rebirth Enterprises