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Course Information

A course designed with the heart and

schedule of a busy servant leader in mind.

Course Summary

Built for Impact is a management and marketing course that creates a Ministry Action Plan to launch any vision, any time in six simple steps. 


The purpose of the course is to help leadership teams put systems and processes in place to increase the influence, and profitability of the church in order to increase the church's impact in our communities.


Whether a leader is looking to increase their impact in the national church or a local ministry, this course will strengthen your ability to make intentional decisions, cultivate powerful relationships and create a movement that will create a powerful legacy to benefit generations to come.


By the end of this course, each leader should be able to use this powerful six-step planning process as a ministry blueprint to launch any vision on a national, regional or local level.

Course Format


  • 6 online training videos

  • Audio files

  • Ministry Planning Sheets

  • Resource Guides

  • Self-Evaluation prompts


All lessons are easily accessible online from laptops and mobile devices so you save time and money not having to travel to a conference. 


The training is self-paced so you can complete the lessons wherever you are on your own terms. 


In addition, there will be audio downloads for you to listen as you travel for your convenience as well.

Premium Bonus Sessions!

This is not just another course.  It's an experience.  

BONUS OFFICE HOURS.  There will be live and prerecorded office hours with Kingdom-minded professionals that have a heart to serve the body of Christ! 


These sessions are jam-packed with the kind of wisdom and advice you need to take action now!

Bonus Office Hour Topics will cover

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Management

  • Brand Management and Social Media

  • Church Security and Safety

  • Music Ministry

  • Legal Compliance.

A 6 week online management and marketing course to strengthen the business foundation of the church.




If you have ever hesitated because of a lack of funding,

lack of connections or a lack of strategy, that all changes now.

How to apply consistent processes and systems to each ministry of the church and increase productivity throughout the entire organization. 

How to operate with clarity and in alignment with your mission, vision and values.​

Build a team of leaders, volunteers, and staff that will be excited to get fully plugged in and grow with you.

Engage community partnerships that are excited to support your growth.

How to be a financially responsible steward and structure your finances for growth.

The steps you absolutely must take to increase your impact, influence, and income whenever you are ready to move in a new direction.

Investment $297


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This is a Kingdom thing.

Hey there! My name is Jean Toney. I share information with ministry leaders to strengthen the impact, influence, and profitability of the church.  


In order to do the work of ministry, I believe every religious nonprofit should make a profit and a pastor should be compensated as the CEO of a nonprofit corporation.


It helps that I specialize in Organizational Development with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a master's degree in Human Resource Development. It also helps that I've been establishing and growing for-profit and non-profit organizations for nearly 20 years...but my true strength, my skill set, and my gifts all come from God.  


Presenting strategies and systems to support you is much bigger than me.  For me, this is a Kingdom thing.  Helping your ministry grow is a form of worship to my Creator and it would be an honor to serve and support your vision.


Your vision is the answer to someone's prayer.


Give your vision a chance to transform lives.

Aren't you called to be a game-changer?

Families and communities all over the world are waiting for you to breathe life into your vision. People are waiting for you to reach outside the walls of the church and into their hearts to show them Christ still cares. Deep down, you know it's time to act. Your vision may be so big it scares you. You may have so many ideas that you don't know where to start. Let's change all of that now. Use this course to get clarity and a step-by-step by action plan that equips you to lead your ministry with intention.

Give your vision a chance to impact legacy.

Shouldn't your work remain long after you're gone?

Your vision, your gifts and skills, your smile and the winning personality God gave you aren't just for you! Everything you have experienced and everything you have access to right now can all work together to uplift the Kingdom and establish legacy for generations to come. Sure, it's a huge calling but it doesn't have to be difficult. You work hard and, of course, you want your work to last. Pouring into future generations will require implementing sustainable systems and strategies today. Sometimes you can't focus on tomorrow because you're so focused on the struggle today. This course to help you get off the struggle bus and operate with a deliberate game plan so that the generations that come may know Him.


Give your vision a chance to transform your life.

Are you operating outside of the will of God when you sacrifice your family's well-being in the name of ministry?

Your family trusts you to make the right decisions by them even as you are performing the work as Pastor. The decisions you make in ministry will impact everything from the amount of time you spend away from your family to the amount of income you are providing for them. The systems, strategies and leaders you place around you have a direct impact on your home life and whether your children want to follow in your footsteps. This course will help you make decisions that energize your leadership team at the church and excite your number one supporters at home.


God bless you, Pastor.

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