Organize Your Ideas and Rock Out A Power Statement to Communicate with Confidence

The world is waiting for you to ignite that passion within you.  You have so many brilliant ideas inside you that can solve problems and transform lives but have you found yourself needing a little help figuring out which idea to start first?

Packed full of questions, this thought-provoking guide was prepared to help entrepreneurs and ministry leaders do a brain dump to get all your ideas written down and organized so you can operate from a position of confidence and clarity. 

Inside You Will:

Identify that one idea that puts you smack dab in the middle of your genius zone...you know...that powerful sweet spot where you vision, gifts and actions are all aligned? Yeaa...let's go there.

Become crystal clear on who you want to serve (and how you will help them) so your vision and actions are focused on their needs. Note: The #1 way to serve your followers is by becoming a friend that understands their need and looks for ways to solve them.

Prepare for your haters so you can become your biggest fan yourself and pat your own self on the back even if no one does...at first.

Make Boss moves by creating a Power Statement that gives you the right words to communicate your vision and the audacity to confidently say them in any setting. (Hint: A power statement can be used to create an elevator pitch but it is much more flexible and much more powerful).

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