The #1 Hack to Increase Your Income in 2018

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

There is something magical about the energy of a new year that emboldens the audacious dreamer. We dream big and make ambitious plans for increase in so many areas of our lives.

I don’t know about you but decreasing my weight and increasing my income seems to always be in my top five boss moves of every year!

So that I won’t scare you away, let’s stick to increasing our income today and leave the calorie counting for another time.

I’ve worked in competitive corporate sales environments where there was an intense focus to make money. Every single day, there were constant reminders of sales quotas and a trend analysis that literally made some people sick and quit and those were the people drawing a salary. Needless to say, this strategy resulted in low sales numbers, high turnover of sales people and management and a high volumes of customer complaints.

I understand the pressure entrepreneurs and ministry leaders face in generating consistent income. Entrepreneurs have to be hunters with an eat what you kill mentality. New pastors invest more money and time in to planting a church than they receive. Sometimes you can cultivate relationships and do everything right and still not earn enough to cover the


How something ends up never depends on how much you worry about it.

Obsessing and stressing over sales in your business or the numbers of members in attendance during Sunday service will sabotage your income...not increase it. Unfortunately, existing clients and prospects sense desperation. I can’t tell you how many church services I have visited where we strongly encouraged to give in 3 separate offerings. Making matters worse, it becomes easy to compromise your values and mismanage moral dilemmas that creep into play as desperation increases.

So if I’m suggesting that obsessing, focusing and stressing on your income is not going to grow your income, then what should you focus on?

What’s the #1 tip to increase your income in 2018 and

every year beyond?

The #1 tip to increase your income in 2018 and every year after that is to shift your focus away from increasing your income! Shift your focus to increasing your value to those you serve.

Obviously, you should always be conscious of your finances and the amount of income you need but redirecting your focus from making money to over delivering value for the people that trust you will in turn end up making you more money.

Be intentional about finding out what is needed and then over deliver to see the growth of your vision explode along with increasing the satisfaction in what you do like crazy. Talk about not needing an alarm clock to wake up in the morning!

The energy you get from just knowing you are transforming lives is insane and then the money that flows is just as sweet as the icing on a cake.

Focusing on serving others has been one of my biggest sources of success. Listen, success isn’t complicated. Success is intentional. It’s not complicated.

Instead of focusing on your own problems, when you focus on creating a win for others, you

win as well. Those wins build a momentum and an energy that your competitors will

not be able to match.

We all know that word of mouth can break you. Going that extra mile for your existing

clients or members builds your brand by increasing loyalty and grows your base.

You create a “walking testimony” that ad dollars can’t buy. I would rather have a live person sharing stories of transformation over a billboard, TV or radio ad any day of the week.

Determining what it means to go the extra mile is different for every business.

A Florida pastor provides a GED training course for any new member that joins her church without a high school degree.

A pastor in North Carolina has created a financial planning program where members get advice on preparing to purchase a home.

A fitness trainer provides meal plans and snacking recommendations to help her clients

reach their results faster.

Adding your special touch doesn’t have to be a routine service built into your business model. Showing random acts of kindness like when a barber cared enough to take the sons of a single mom home when she was called into work can go a long way.

Just figure out what works for you and be intentional about building your brand by increasing your goodwill in your community.

So what's the game plan?

How do we create this shift in focus and watch our income explode in 2018? Here are three action items to get you started in the right direction.

  1. MAKE IMPACT: Identify the needs of the people you are called to serve. Become a market disruptor and change the status quo of your industry. Just because other mechanics aren’t offering to vacuum carpets during an oil change doesn’t mean you can’t. Think outside the box and clearly define the value added services you will provide to transform your relationships and the lives of the people you serve. A word of caution here is to be careful here about chasing shiny objects. Make sure you are selective and very specific about how you will add value so that your actions are aligned with your vision. Create a plan of action complete with timelines and goals that clearly define what success should look like.

  2. MEASURE IMPACT: You can’t grow what you can't measure. Identify a baseline and keep track of the impact you’re making by documenting growth. If you are the Florida pastor mentioned above, you could measure how many members have earned their GED. The fitness trainer can measure how many pounds have been lost by clients that followed her plan as opposed to members that created their own meal plan.

  3. MARKET IMPACT: Once you have results, tell EVERYBODY! There are amazing people in the business community making a tremendous difference in their clients lives but they keep it to themselves. The same thing happens in ministry. Use your results to create new partnerships, bring in new customers to your business or new members to your congregation. The world needs what you have to offer. There is someone looking for someone like you right now. Make it a point to ask your clients and members to write testimonials that you can use as social proof and stand out from the crowd of options.